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Code of Conduct

All players and coaches MUST read, sign and acknowledge that he understands and agrees to comply with the Code of Conduct.

No Player or Coach shall:

  • At any time push, shove and threaten to strike or intentionally try to injure another player, coach or official.

  • Throw gloves, helmets, bats or other equipment showing poor sportsmanship.

  • Speak disrespectfully to any player, coach, official or representative of the league.

  • Use profanity, obscene or vulgar language at any time including hand gestures. 

  • Use alcohol or tobacco during any game or practice.

  • Challenge an umpire's authority.

  • Players are expected to wear appropriate uniforms during games including league approved jerseys, pants and hats. (Jerseys must have readable numbers and team name).

  • Leave the playing/game site in a dangerous or reckless driving exhibition endangering yourself or others at the site.

  • Use illegal equipment, illegal players or illegal pitchers.


Any violation of the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Metro Area Baseball League Commissioner.  Punishments for violations can start with game suspensions or removal from the Metro Area Baseball League.